Audio 20 Map Pilot

  • I've downloaded and installed the gpi file onto the sd card from the car. When I put the sd card in the car and reset the map settings i still cannot see any speed cameras on the map. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

  • Where does the gpi file comes from?

    What is the name of the folder you copied the file into?

    You can send me the file to info AT and I can look into it to check if there is data in it that covers the region you are testing.

    Best R.


  • The file is correct and there are fixed speedcams in uk in this file.

    If you cannot see the speedcams on the map please keep in mind that you can only see the speedcam when you drive next to them and get alert. You cannot simply scroll and move the map and search for the speedcams.

    Please check our poibase website >map and crosscheck if the speedcams you test while driving are in our database. Please reset the settings > map settings everytime you cannot see speedcams.

    Best R.