neue Version 3.95.2

  • Fixes

    Fixed a bug in map searching - if you removed all the .map files from a folder it would not be re-indexed so would always show the old maps (which were removed) as existing. These folders are now checked, if there are no map files the index file is removed.
    The Shift Enter key combination to add waypoints and other objects now works again.
    The printing of 24bit color Tiff images has been fixed (it was broken by changes in previous version).

    Map Searching
    More fine tuning - mostly to do with the index map and getting it to notice changes in the map files.
    Added the ability to re-index the map files to the Map menu. This will re-index the map files so they will be up to date for map searching functions. In theory this is not necessary for normal operation operation as OziExplorer will automatically keep the map index files up to date.
    Map Searching will now ignore hidden .map files.
    Updated map search section of the help file.
    Index Map - Added the ability to turn on and off the list of the available maps which follows the mouse pointer; this option is on the drop down menu button.
    OziAPI - many new functions have been added; see the OziAPI web page for details.

    LG Karl