Falk Navigation problem F series

  • Hello,
    first of all, it is necessary to break through the start loop, so that the navigation device can successfully be connected to the Computer again.

    A "special" start file on an SD card will allow that.

    This start-file will not be able to fix the originally problem, because it’s just a “dummy”. But it’s really good for breaking that horrible start-loop. After the usage of the file, a reinstall of the navigation-software is still recommended, and now you should be able to do it with the “Falk-Navimanager".

    Here is a short tutorial:

    1. Create an empty(!) text-file with "Windows Notepad" on your computer.
    2. Store this file and rename it as “AutoRunCe.exe”.
    3. Copy this file onto a SD-Card that fits to your navigation device.
    4. Put the prepared SD Card into the Card-Slot of your device and hard reset the device by using the sliding switch (OFF/ON).
    5. Your device will start with an empty screen, you will just see a Falk typically picture as background.
    6. After that, reconnect your device with the computer and install the original software of the navigation device by using “ Falk Navimanager”


    >>>Edit: I apologize for my bad English<<<

  • Thank you buddy it works finally thanx for advice