nuvi 7x5 (GCD File) software version 4.30

  • nuvi 7x5 (GCD File) software version 4.30

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    Change History
    Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.30:

    Fixed a potential issue with retail map updates

    Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.20:

    Fixed an error that caused the unit to shut down or freeze when a user inserted a SD card.
    Fixed an error that prevented a user from selecting a Country or State/Province while searching for an address using third-party maps.

    Changes made from version 3.90 to 4.00:

    Added support for traffic reports in Russia.
    Corrected a shutdown in Europe during routing.
    Corrected handling of ramps and interchanges.
    Improved voice prompts to eliminate stuttering.
    Corrected arrival times to include traffic delays.
    Improved keyboard response and accuracy.
    Corrected issue with telephone calls to national POIs.
    Corrected handling of Arabic characters.
    Improved LBA coupon displays.
    Corrected shutdowns in maps with 3D buildings and DEM data.
    Corrected arrival time when time is changed manually.
    Corrected the reset of audio options when restoring proximity points.

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