No upgrade from EU40 to EU43 for Navigon 8450

  • Sorry, it is in english, i hope that some one could translate in german for all.

    I have ask a question on facebook about the possibility to get or to buy an upgrade of EU43 maps for our 8450 equiped with EU40 maps.....and the answer of Navigon is NO. It is not technicaly possible and there is no plan to upgrade the software of our 8450 to accept it.

    Two month ago, i have ask if 8450 is already at the end of his life and Navigon answer me: No...Stay connected you will see soon..... Probabily this was done in order to sell 8410 and 8450 before they deliver new serie like 40/70 plus and premium.

    Here is a copy of my question and the answer of Navigon:

    Francis Wauquier:
    Now as Navigon 40 Easy & Premium are in hand of peoples. As Fresh 3.10 seems working.
    Is it any chance to have an upgrade of EU40 to EU43 or is it possible to buy EU43 upgrade for your premium 8450 Live ?
    Hope a quick answer....will go to Ukraine in 2 days.....

    Hi Francis, unfortunately, there will not be an upgrade from EU40 to EU43. The reason is that there is no compatibility for older gadgets. To provide it, a software update for all older gadgets would be required, which is currently not in planning.

    This is a very curious answer................

  • If I'm correct you are asking about adding extra maps? I'm certain the difference with the 40 and 43 is the number of countries covered by the mapping data.
    Navigon maybe correct in what they are telling you as Navteq may not be going to produce the maps for the 8450.
    As for the upgrade of the 8450, i'm 99% sure that you will see some kind of upgrade before the end of the year. :) As Navigon said... stay tuned. I just can't tell you what I know.

  • Hello,

    thank's for your have same feeling as me about this strange answer from Navigon. To be optimist..may be we shall wait the launch of the 70 Premium Live to see what they will do, as it will be the most similar product compared with our 8450.


  • Well, as most of us know, there is no technical difference between maps for navigon's latest models 40/70 and older 84x0. So it is simply a lie what navigon told you.

    Navigon wrote it in their answer, the difference is the software! Probably they use in the new models a differenct encoding for the maps.

  • Hello Jan,

    Your answer is right. I am currently in Ukraine, using on my 8450 v7.5.52, the map of Ukraine coming from a Navigon 40 Premium. All is working well, the choice of the city use a cyrilic keyboard as the map use cyrilic name, the routing and the indication on the road are well working also. This map is similar as the last one provided for the Igo, with same error's (railways mis placed, some street missing,...) But it is definitively a usable map ;-)

    The only question is so : Why Navigon does not want to sell us EU43 ?

    Best regards