SR3 for Z100?

  • Hi all,

    I just bought a second hand Z100 and I'm considering to use the Joshua skin (great initiative!). On the forum, it states that the latest firm version is SR3, however, on the Becker site only SR2 is mentioned. What am I doing wrong ...?



  • This way it worked for me:
    Switch the Contend Manager off when you have the Z100 plugged in. Than turn the CM on again and wait a little (few minutes). If the SR3 doesnt show up, repeat the whole process.

    To successfull install the SR3 you also need the up to date CM (version

  • Thanks,

    I just got the Z100, installed CM (v1), was automatically asked to update to CM2. When I connected the z100, CM replyed that SR3 is available for download! Strange that the Becker website does only mention SR2, but this is no longer of relevance.