Accuracy of position and height?

  • Hi there Becker users,

    (Antworter in Deutsch sind auch OK...)

    If you enter the "installation menu" of the Becker (press NAV (twice) followed by keys 3 and 5) you are able to see all sattelite info like coordinates on earth, number of satelites, heigth (also when there are less than 5 satelites ;) etc...

    But what I would like to know for sure what's the number shown to the left bottom side of the display. In V5 it was marked "G" I think, and in V6 it is marked "D" or so (I'm not sure, but you must know what I'm talking about...)

    I do know this number decreases when you receive more satelites, so I guess it's some sort of accuracy indication (Genauigkeit???). But I want to know for sure, and I want to know the precise unit.... ;-)))

    For instance I see numbers like 2.0 and 1.8. The best I ever got was 1.6 if I remember correctly. Does this indicate a 1.6 meter accuracy of your location calculation???

    And if it indeed is the accuracy in meters; how to calculate with it? An calculation-example for instance: If the heigth is marked "100 m" and this mystery number shows "2.0", within what range is my real height? Is it between 100 +/- 2.0 m, so somewhere in between 98 and 102 meters, or does it indicate a sphere of in-accuracy so my real heigth should be in between 96 and 104 meters....

    I'm curious who can solve this.....

    Best regards, Mit Freundliche Grusse, Johan.

    Johan Evers
    HAM Amateurfunk call PE1PUP.

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