How to edit POIplaza speed camera POIs?

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    POIplaza speed cameras are free for everyone! All you need is POIbase. You may edit POIplaza’s speed cameras using:

    1. the POIbase web platform or the POIbase PC application which can be downloaded from the POIbase website,
    2. the Android POIbase app which can be installed for free with Google Play.

    Using the POIbase web platform

    You will first need to open POIbase in your internet browser. Simply click this link to open the web platform POIbase.

    Now, you can login, if you are already an account holder. If you are not an account holder yet, please sign up for free by clicking on the link “Register now!” in the window top. POIbase is ad-free for you. Accept our “terms of use” with “OK”, then, fill in the fields to register and click on “Register now!

    Once you have registered and logged in, the web platform POIbase starts on the PC. You can edit all POIplaza speed cameras free of charge. Simply click on the menu item “Edit POIs”.

    Brief function overview for POIbase interactive map

    • Use the button “Place search” on the right side or hold the left mouse button to move the interactive map.
    • Zoom by rolling the mouse wheel while positioning the cursor over the map or use the symbols + and – at the map’s right side.
    • Click on the button “POIplaza” on the left side and check the two boxes for “Fixed speed cameras” and “Mobile speed cameras”, if you would like to edit both categories.

    • Click on any speed camera icon to view the "POI details".
    • Click on any icon and then press the button “Delete POI” to delete a speed camera. A window opens, where it is needed to provide a good reason, why this speed camera should be deleted. Otherwise, your deletion might be rejected by our editors.
    • Click on any icon and then press “Move POI”. Confirm with “OK”. You can now click on the map to mark the position and select the POI's new location. The POI will be moved to its new location when you click "Insert POI".

    How to add a new speed cam POI?

    • First, search the location, where you would like to add a POI and zoom as close as possible into the map.
    • Left-click on the map to mark a position. A red cross appears on the map.
      Note: Try to be as accurately as possible when you determine the spot of the speed camera. The best location of a speed cam is close to the roadside, either on the right or left side, depending on the speed cam's direction.

    • As soon as the position is defined, click on "Add POI". In the next window, select the "speed cam category" (e.g. mobile speed cam, section control. red light etc.).

    • Afterwards, please enter the relevant POI details such as a "short description" defining the speed cam category (M=mobile, F=fixed, S=section control etc.)*, the "direction" in which the camera is active to target an approaching vehicle and the address.
      Note: Although the address field is filled automatically, it is recommended to check the input.

    • If this is done, click on "Next steps", check your entries and click on "OK". Now, your entered speed cam is displayed on the interactive map.
    • Do not forget to activate the direction for the speed cam. This makes your report credible!

    Remember to active the direction!

    • After a speed cam is added, it is still incomplete because it lacks a direction.
    • Click on "Edit POI direction" on the right side, after which two input fields appear. Enter either one or two values to align the angle for the alert (number range of: 1 – 360).
      Note: If you do not know the value, just enter any number from 1 to 360. A changeable light cone will appear on the interactive map.
    • Left-click on the light cone and hold the left mouse button to move the cone! Move the mouse up and down for easy orientation.
    • Click on "Save directions", when finished.

    * Speed camera categories in short form (for short description):

    F = fixed speed cam (can be combined with speed limit, e.g. F50, F100 etc.)

    FR = fixed red light camera (can be combined with speed limit, e.g. FR50)

    FV = fixed variable camera (speed limit is variable)

    SPECS = average speed along a fixed route (can be combined with speed limit, e.g. SPECS100)

    (other terms: Trajectcontrole, odcinkowy pomiar prędkości, Section Control, Tutor or Safety Tutor, Safe-T-Cam)

    FD = fixed distance camera (safe following distance preventing tailgating)

    FT = fixed truck speed cam (can be combined with speed limit, e.g. FT80)

    Fdummy = fixed dummy speed camera

    TF = traffic filtering camera

    M = mobile speed cam (can be combined with speed limit, e.g. M50, M100 etc.)

    MV = variable mobile speed cam (speed limit is variable, i.e. depending on time)

    MD = mobile distance camera (safe following distance against tailgating)