BMW Becker Indianapolis GPS crash *HELP*

  • Guys sorry but I don't speak german. I need help with GPS on my device BMW Becker I think it is 7969. So everthing was working good with the GPS until one day I removed the device and didn't put in the antenna. It was giving GPS Module Error for a while, then I recoonected and it still was displaying that Error with the antenna connected. After a few weeks the device went in OK state (it took a lot of time to recover) but now I have problems with the GPS not connecting to satellites. Sometimes it connects but after the device is OFF and switch it back on it has no GPS signal, no satellites. Otherwise it works. In the past it worked well picking up satellites in 2 minutes since it was ON. Now it's like it has been with the battery off, it takes a lot of time. What might be the problem? The antenna is working good I think. Is the device faulty?

  • Hello zBoost,

    BMW Indianapolis is indeed BE7969.
    My experience is when there is any kind of GPS error it's probably the gps-antenne or the gps-module on the mainboard of the radio. Since you disconnected the unit and just reconnected it I suggest you first try another wiclic GPS-antenna (about €10 on ebay). It's possible to connect an indianapolis without connecting a gps-antenna. That shouldn't cause the malfunctioning of the gps-module.
    Repair of the mainboard is expensive. When a new antenna doesn't fix the problem I would exchange the mainboard for example with one of a mechanical defective Indianapolis. It's not a big thing to exchange the board.

    best regards,


  • mmm, strange. Can still be the gps-antenna or maybe the navigation cd is defective (scratches) or cant't be read properly. CD in UK during calibration should be CD nr. 3.

  • Well it should work and get signal without the CD at all. I'll see if I can change antenna these days.